Controlled By Death


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released April 12, 2013



all rights reserved


BENCHPRESS Lewistown, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Intro // Exist
I landed hard on this fucking earth. I’ve been held down from my fucking b irth. I’ve seen these people for what they’re worth. I’ll live my own way until they put me in the dir. Every promise is broken. Every dream will fucking die. No matter what your intentions; you will hurt the ones you love and lie. I didn't ask for any of this. To use or be used or to fucking exist. Wanted to do right and honor my name but the shit gets deep so you find a way. I’ll forge my own path. I’m not looking back.
Track Name: Splitting Heads
I’m not the one who is crazy. I’m not the one living every day afraid. I’m not the one who is guilty. I’m not the one embarrassed and ashamed. Paid my dues; earned my keep. Swung my fists until I fucking weap. Standing on my own two feet. Taking on all the world throws at me. I don’t give a fuck about tradition. I couldn’t care less about the rules. I don’t give a shit about your politics. Mind your own or get your fucking head split.
Track Name: Disgusted With The World
Truly sickened by what I see. Selfish cowards run the fucking streets. Self image is their main concern. To see how many fake friends they can fucking earn. Their world revolves around fitting in. I keep my circle tight. You’re never getting in. Bury your heads in the fucking sand. Our own reflections, no one can fucking stand. Make up reality as you go along. Justify your actions because you're never wrong. Caught in a whir of lies and deceit. I see who your are not who you’re trying to be. Wreck your havoc, adjust your morals. Disgusted with the world.
Track Name: Silver Spoon
Fuck you. Fuck your family too. They’re just as guilty. They’re the ones who raised you. Silver spoon, glued to your fucking mouth. Never worked for anything but always have your fucking hands out. The only common ground we share is the one we’ll all be buried in. The reaper favors no one. We all live. We’re all controlled by death.
Track Name: Pressure
Cracking under pressure. Crush by the weight. Cracking under pressure. But I won’t [I wont] fucking break. Shovel more shit on my shoulders, see if I fold. I’m unwavering. Head so hot. Heart so cold. So many times I’ve found myself face down on the floor. But I’ve withstood so much, I bet I could take, a little bit more. I won’t fucking break. I’ve watched you lay down and die so many fucking times. Never lose my will to fight. I don’t know how you sleep at night. Cracking under pressure. Crushed by the weight. Cracking under pressure. But I won’t fucking break.
Track Name: No Place Like Home
It makes my blood boil. Small towns talk and thrive on turmoil. So quit searching for peace. Too many people are feeding the beast. Nothing stops the pain, it only gets worse. I will never learn to let go. I was born with this fucking curse. Holding on to memories but they just drag me in the dirt. And I know that this won’t kill me, but it’s still not worth the hurt. Please lend me your fucking hand because this is getting old. I can barely stand. Don’t let me fall to my knees because I won’t get back up.